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Michelle Bassett and Maxx Angenetta Jones will help you discover different energy. We never realize how we exchange energy with people or how others peoples energy can effect us. Even the energy in your home can effect how you... more

People that have near death experiences and live to tell about it have a lot to say. Sometimes they come back with messages from heaven. Other times they come back with new found gifts. In today episode, Michelle Bassett and... more

Michelle Bassett and Maxx Angenetta Jones talk with you on how to tell if the angels are around. How you can communicate with them, and how you can work with them. Michelle Bassett and Maxx Angenetta Jones are 2 well knowledged... more

Do you believe that you have lived many past lives? Have you ever wondered what past life you have lived? Maxx Angenetta Jones and Michelle Bassett are going to be looking into your past lives and helping you navigate through... more

Are finding yourself suffering from fear, aniexty, depression, and stress? Is meditation too hard because you have so much mind chatter going on? Today Michelle Bassett and Maxx Angenetta Jones are going to talk about what it... more

Join Maxx and Michelle as they explore your psychic gifts. Don't believe you have any? Everyone has the ability to contact spirit, it is just learning what they are and trusting in yourself. Maxx and Michelle will look at what is stopping you from... more

How many times have you predicted something was going to happen, and it did? Or had déjà vu? Or have had dreams so vivid and so real only to have them manifest into reality? Have you seen or heard from someone... more

Cheating. That word that brings a sick feeling to our stomach's. We are all different and have different definitions that can define this word, but bottom line is that it means that someone has been betrayed or you are betraying... more

Toxic Family Issues Happy belated Easter everyone!!! In light of the after math of your holiday dinner with your family, this week we are addressing the ?toxic family? and what the signs are and how to cope with the people who are... more

This week, money takes center stage. Love it or hate it, we can't live without it. Are you lacking in monetary funds? Are you in a daily struggle to survive or tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Well we have two words for you, ?Belief... more