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An interactive radio show that studies today's headlines and attempts to make sense of the real intent from a spiritual perspective.

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Our boarders are now wide open; inviting Ebola carriers to enter our nation while other sufferers are being flown in. Many find this appalling and occurring at a staggering rate. The ex-community leader who serves as president ignored the... more

Only a fool with scant business savvy enters a contract in the absence of clearly defined limitations and penalties. The overreaching demands of today's atheists are vague, ever changing, aggressive, and progressive and at best,... more

Since the Revolutionary War, at the very least, all wars have been caused and funded by private central banks—forcing debt-based currency at interest on the global population. War is massively profitable to central... more

www.bestingtalkradio.com The last official duty performed by President Eisenhower warned our nation of the impending doom once the influence of the military industrial complex found itself inside our governance. Does the official... more

The community we call science is now backed with power and conducting a full frontal assault on the global society. The possess everything from powerful institutions of higher learning, corporate funding from global corporations and... more

Tonight's show will prove groundbreaking, I promise. The Shroud of Turin has been rumored to be the most scientifically studied artifact on earth. In 1978, a team of experts calling themselves STRP, converged on the Vatican with the... more

Tonight's show brings a focused attention to the reality of excessive, prevalent and worldwide persecution of Christians from atheists and ISIS, alike. Florida's Seminole High School football team had a lawsuit filed against them by a group... more

Tonight's show promises to be explosive! The "Cloward-Piven Strategy? is in full flux, today and if you're not aware of what that is, you may want to tune in. Tonight's show will illustrate how that strategy fits perfectly with myriad existing... more

BE STING TALK RADIO will be addressing the condition of the Middle East, The Islamic State or ISIS and other threats that fit the Book of Revelation and its timeline, perfectly. With passion and humor, we are begging all to watch out... more

Show airs Tuesday the 12th of August at 8:00 PM, EST. BE STING TALK RADIO can be heard on BlogTalkRadio.com and at www.bestingtalkradio.com Our first show intends to shine a spotlight on the human soul, so you can revaluate your... more