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Welcome to the "Best Ever You" show with your hosts Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino & Dr. Walter E. Jacobson. We'd like to personally thank you for helping us become a #1 rated LIVE show with nearly 2 million listeners! We are on a mission to share information that matters, to raise awareness regarding important personal and global issues, and to inspire excellence within each of us that will transform our world. "Best Ever You" is a place for you to discover your authentic, best self and help you create and implement a life plan where each moment in your life is meaningful, rewarding, and propels you towards the fulfillment of your goals and dreams. Our goal is to help you to connect, in the best ways possible, to yourself, to those around you and to the world as a whole. #BestEverYou

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Please welcome Carl Studna and Cynthia James to the Best Ever You Show!
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Join me for a special one hour show with guest Dale Little. Dale Little's straight-forward, actionable strategies for small business success provide audiences and clients with cost-effective plans that generate bigger profits.... more

Join Host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino with guests Brian Hom, Sarah Shannon and Paul VonderMeulen. Each of these families has lost a child to Anaphylaxis, a life-threatening food allergic reaction. This show is dedicated to BJ Hom, Emily... more

Join host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for a special one hour show with guest Natalia Paruz. Natalia is the director of the annual NYC Musical Saw Festival. She has been playing the musical saw for 17 years, from Carnegie Hall, Madison... more

Please join host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for a special one hour show with Jenny Shea. Jennifer Shea MS, MPH, RD is the Retail East Dietitian for SHAW'S on the East Coast. Prior to her current position, Shea served as the Wellness... more

Join Best Ever You CEO and host, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for a special one-hour show with author Gabe Berman. Gabe's new book "Live Like a Fruit Fly" is flying off the shelves, but is sure to have a long life! What does it mean to... more

Join host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for a special one-hour show with guest Sandra Dee Robinson. Sandra Dee Robinsonis an actress, speaker, radio host and founder of Charisma on Camera Media Training Studio. She helps... more

Join host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for a special one hour live show with guest Darlene Frudakis. Darlene Frudakis, a pioneer in the pet industry, has specialized in the development and invention of products devoted to enhancing... more

When Gina Clowes discovered that her son had multiple food allergies, she underwent a life-changing transformation. Gina founded in 2006. Gina wrote and published the inspirational, best-selling allergy children's... more

Josh Johnson is the US Director for the UK based entertainment agency Scarlett Entertainment. In his role with Scarlett, Josh heads the US operations as well as all media based projects in conjunction with their work with media partners... more

Shea Vaughn is the Founder of SheaNetics. She is a former dancer and cheerleader and you might recognize the name "Vaughn" as she is Vince Vaughn's mom. Shea is with us today to talk with us about fitness, overall... more