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Moving on to the Secrets of Sound Therapy healing music for your thyroid and hormonal imbalances or hot flashes. I have several of their CD's and DVD's, but only a few downloads at the moment to share. Will figure somthing else out to... more

We are almost done with Eric Pepin's teachings now. The last section I hve to share with you is his Whitefire series. This will cover part 1 of the series and then the final segment will be Whitefire part 2. So far it has been interesting to her... more

This show will be airing the entire All is One series from Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute. I don't want to give the show details away but it is completely different from his Guided Meditation series that we just finished listening to. It... more

We've finished the 4 foundations for proper meditation techniques. Now we get to the good stuff with 3 guided meditations to practice with. This will finish his guided meditation series and we will move to the next section of his material during the... more

Continuing with Eric Pepin's teachings from Higher Balance Institute. Foundation 2&3 are the next in line following Foundation 1&2 on Friday. It is requested that you follow the teachings in order without skipping any or skipping to the... more

This is the begininng of a Meditation Series by Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute. I found him on Facebook by accident and I decided to take his offer to check out his material for a donation. After hearing it and per his request, I am... more

The occupy movement is standing up for people all over the world. When I communicate with people from other countries and see stories from people of other countries, I see we are all in the same boat. It doesn't matter what country... more

We've been having a few issues getting this show on the air, but this time we should be good to go..Eric will be here for sure to talk about the closure of his dispensary and what he plans to do in the future.

Rescheduled show

I will be talking to Starbudz owner Eric Matuschek regarding the illgal shutdown of his dispensary recently and the second time his medicine stock was confiscated illegally by the city. Being one of his patients I know the claims against him are... more