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Be Real with D-Real

Be Real with D-Real


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More grandstanding from 45 with regard to the kids detained at the border and separated from parents. Executive orders to unite? Because you're nice or to garner votes? Oh, Dems? Don't start grinnin and cheesin just yet.The focus... more

I never talk about 45 on my show. But his latest Star Wars Sith Lord type move has got me ready to chat. Also, I'm gonna settle this Kneeling & Guns thing once and for all (at least in MY mind). Also, a word about being on empty. To... more

Blacks+Exploitation=Blaxploitation. Is the genre being resurrected? Will it be only non people of color profitting from this? Let me tell you about a guilty pleasure of mine Jim Brown, Rudy Ray Moore and Pam Grier. Yesss. Pam Grier. Tune in... more

For years, we have been presented with the argument that Blacks engage in their own unique form of racism. Is this true? More directly, is it accurate? Have I had this conversation before? No De Ja Vu necessary. Listen closely. There are... more

Been conversations about who can and can't say the N word for years. I have an opinion. Its changed over the years. Recent events have caused me to look and listen and I think the discovery of what is and isn't offensive shouldn't be an... more

How many schools have to be shot up before we sit down and formulate a solution to this ongoing tragedy? Everyone's giving lip service ranting and raving but when are we (and when I say "WE" I mean the government) going... more

The nation is split on how they feel about the Cosby verdict. Some say its justice, others say he was hoodwinked by the judicial system and others still don't really care. We'll probably hear from everyone about this one. And Kanye West has... more

Its getting ridonkulous, non people of color. When are the so-called "Not Racist" minorities going to stand up and say, Lay off, enough. Jokes over man. Let that racism stuff go. To comfortable in your privilege to cry injustice? Here, let a... more

Where do you go for your news and pertinent information? Blogs? Bogus websites? Fox News? NPR? Some are what's known a credible, others are questionable. Do you know which? I'll give you a list of some I think or credible... more

People in Anchor Town and abroad have been talking about low key racism and prejudice more than ever. At least have the courage of you inbreeding southern brethern to proclaim loud and proud that you're racist and/or discriminatory.... more