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How to use Persuasive Personal Authority to get the career, the raise, the promotion, the girl and the life you know you deserve.

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Today, we're coming to you Live from J.P. Mapes and Co. American Bistro & Boutique. The hottest, newest Date & Destination eatery in Down Town Reno. So, of course, today's topic is going to be about places to see and things to do... more

Tonight on Man Up Radio, we're going to discuss how to find you the Woman of your Dreams. The woman who will fulfill all your deepest needs, the woman who will love you more deeply than you could ever imagine. The PERFECT... more

From former VP candidate Governor Sarah Palin, to the smokin' hot redhead I met the other night who manages a Home Depot, strong, intelligent, competent, capable women are really the norm, not the exception. Tonight we're going to... more

With the economy failing, companies making cutbacks, and your financial future at stake, you might be feeling pretty grim. But don't even think about throwing in the towel. There are lots of opportunities out there - opportunities to... more

A Right is the exercise of personal power. The right to choose who you associate with, the right to win or lose, the right to keep and bare arms, the right to petition your government for the redress of grievances... The list goes on and on.... more

Money may not be the most important thing in the world, but it sure runs a close second. Tonight we're going to discuss how to acquire it, what to do with it once you've got it, and why it's perfectly OK to make as much of it as you possibly can.

Tonight we're going to go over all the attributes and attitudes prerequisite to Masculinty. Next-level Inner Game concepts that will shape you into the kind of Man you know you can be. These proven concepts will help you in your... more

You don't know how lucky we are. We live on a Rare Planet in a Special Solar System in the Unique Area of an Uncommon Galaxy in a Universe that seems designed from end to end to support life on Earth. "Either we are alone in the... more

It's not just how we look on the outside that's different. Men and women are so dissimillar, in so many critical ways, it's a wonder we can breed, let alone communicate. Tonight we're going to discuss all the glorious differences that... more

Why is the price of everything so high? Why don't our current taxes cover our debts? Why is the Economy such a wreck? Tune in to this show and all those questions will be answered, using pesky facts and clever witticisms. Hold on to... more
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