Beneath the Crust



The same yet different.


All my life I’ve heard men and women talk about how different they are from each other.


I decided to not just write on male-female relationships but to get inside of male and female relationships, to be the fly on the wall, the fiber in the mattress, the chocolate on the strawberry, the water droplets in the shower and the residue on the cash.


In order to get a better idea of how the sexes think I did a survey.


The question I asked was, name the three most important things in a relationship.


The answers I got are listed below in two categories. Male and female


I will elaborate more on the explanations I got alone with the answer in my next article.





communication -5


Honesty 1


I don’t know/

Love -3



No inhibitions

Respect -2

Responsibility for your own action

Strong back



Trust -3

Weak mind





Balanced recreation


Cleaning- no I’m joking

Communication -2




Good mother

Honesty -3

Love -3


Respect -2


Sense of humor


Trust -7



Of the males and females interviewed they had these requirements in common, Communication, Finances/security, Honesty, Love, Respect, and Trust.


Interestingly, only one person-a female-said well you know there are different kinds of relationships between male and female.  Everyone else just seemed to assume I meant the male-female relationship where you are either married, dating engaged or shacking.


Also,  notice only one person-a female-listed monogamy. Did others not mention it because they just assumed that monogamy was a given in relationships? If so, have these participants been living under a rock? Are they naïve? Or just plain dumb?


I plan to explore friendship, marriages, friends with benefits, cohabitation/shacking and divorces in going inside male-female relationships. 


Some topics I will discuss are the physical and emotional closeness between males and females in same sex friendships. I.E. Why is it that woman can be physically close to each other and not feel threatened. But men, sigh. 


Do men see closeness as a weakness where women see it as strength?


Are males and females taught differently? Is that what makes them different in relationships.


What about this statement I have heard from women; I love Johnny dearly but there is a closeness I have with Gloria-platonic friend- that I cannot get with Johnny?


The columns addressing different issues will be more indepth and enlightening.


So come and allow yourself to be amazed if not amused.



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