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Being Human Now is a creative internet radio program and blog that examines the human experience through spiritual and psychological lenses.

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What is the psychology of a riot? What are the practical and spiritual solutions? Is the violence in Baltimore and around the country rooted in a deeper spiritual and psychological journey?

A blog recently ran in a .com publication. Is this your story? Being Human Now explores the new normal of being Unemployed, 55, and Faking Normal Here is short portion of the blog: "You know her. She is in your friendship circle,... more

Every day we wake up we are looking for some sort of transformation. We want to find to a new happiness and peace. We seek enlightenment but seldom know where to start. Bookstore shelves are lined with hundreds of ‘Self Help'... more

What are men really thinking? A classic joke by Jerry Steinfeld proclaims, nothing. Funny, but so untrue. Being Human Now discusses the inner workings of the male mind with men ages 25-60. What is really important? How do men define a... more

Each one of us is seeking to find that one true career that reflects our passsion for life. We want to do something that makes us happy and makes a contribution to the world. But how to you find that? And if you find it, how do you make it... more

Money: Why is there never enough? The conversation about money very often isn't about money. That's talking about the symptom. The cause of many money issues is emotional which goes back to belief systems and family patterns.... more

Why do I do drugs? It is killing me and family, yet I keep doing it. Drug addiction is one of the most complex dilemmas of being human. Why do we seek the escape of drugs and why can't we break the grip?

Women of a Certain Age: Am I living the fullest life possible in this stage of life? How do I answer the 4 core questions now: Who Am I? What Do I Want? What is my purpose in life? What Am I grateful for? As we pass the age of 60... more

Unite with Your Highest Frequency The beginning of the end of being unhappy or unfulfilled is the acknowledgment of where you are now and where you want to go. The road to a higher self, deeper love, and relief from trauma can... more

Every week on Being Human Now we explore ways to survive and enhance the human experience. In many of our episodes we use the name God. We make reference to God, Spirit, or higher power. But who is God? What is God's... more