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The Being Talk Radio Network

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Darshini InSpirit Darshini in Spirit Darshini In Spirit  True knowledge evokes wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge in practice. Selective knowledge facilitates error. In Spirit is Truth. Darshini in Spirit will help you find the answers you seek. Darshini sees! Internationally renowned claircognaitive and spiritual guide Darshini has a refreshingly honest and candid style that contributes greatly to her ability to council, heal and guide. Motivational speaker, author, teacher…Experience Darshini in Spirit   714-348-9994

Marc Anolick Marc Anolick serves as a full channel, a perpetual conduit linking earthbound souls with those residing in spirit. Learn the significance of life lessons while revealing your life’s purpose and step into your magnificence through the abilities of Mark Anolick Fridays at 12pm eastern on the Being Talk Radio Network. Realize your highest truth through the assistance of Marc Anolick… 954-647-0914

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