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Experience the power of Being. Join author and Intuitive Life Coach Ron Ash, West Coast Medium Vicki Murphy and special guest authors on an infinite journey of enlightenment Being explores the various modalities associated with Holistic Health, Self Help and Spirituality. Master Divine Guidance, connect to Source energy and expand your consciousness. Call in live for free psychic readings, life coaching, spiritual counseling or to explore past lives. www.BeingwithRon Ash.com "It's time to release yourself from your feelings of inadequacy. You are not gods or goddesses. The beauty of this is that you don't have to be. You are human! That's bigger than any mythical character you've ever experienced. You are the vibration of God manifested in physical form. So please, stop it. It's time for you to own who you are. Wear it with pride. You are Hu-Man-Beings! The sound or vibration of God in Mankind (men and women) Being ( in the now). That's what's real!" Be peace, because peace becomes you. -Ron

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Angel Message: Money is just an energy; a vibration that has a molecular structure, and those molecules create mass (either paper or coin). We, as humans, give it an activation of being good or bad. When we realize this, and... more

Are you surrounding yourself with people who are still stuck in the challenges, those wanting to commiserate about what terrible thing was said to them, hurt them, or was done to them by another? People who are holding on to this way... more

You can ask questions or discuss whatever topics you wish; connection with our loved ones on the other side; specific messages from guides and your Angelic Realm specific to where you are standing in life; Love life; past lives affecting... more

A timely spiritual guide to surviving and thriving in today's pervasive, gloomy atmosphere of alienation and fear, the new book, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World, lays out a path to life-long self-actualization, and reconnection through a... more

If you feel resistance toward something, it's for a reason. And until you learn to embrace that ?thing? that you are resisting, it will keep coming for you. If it's attracting the wrong guy, if its weightloss, meditation, money – whatever... more

Leonard Perlmutter joins Ron Ash on Being to discuss the ultimate manual for meditation and Life Transformation. In this encyclopedic introduction to Yoga Science, The American Meditation Institute founder Leonard Perlmutter shares... more

Join Intuitive Life Coach Ron Ash and West Coast Medium Vicki Murphy as they take calls for free readings and intuitive counseling on the next third eye openning episode of Being with Ron Ash. Preview their profiles at... more

Live on air psychic readings and mediumystic connections with world renowned West Coast Medium Vicki Murphy exclusively on "Being" with Ron Ash every first and third Monday at 12pm ET. Call 424-757-1425 for your free psychic... more
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