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Ratchetness Is a a mild infection sort of like the common cold. That maybe contracted through visiting various stores ie... Walmart, Family Dollar, Bodegas, or anywhere Quest is accepted. When contracted with the infection. You tend to do... more

Lisa Hooks is a singer/songwriter whose passion is to sing and write. Hailing all the way from her hometown Compton, California Lisa Hooks started singing at age 2, and has been involved professionally in this music industry since age... more

How America views the destruction of black families

A lot of people do not know were the holidays that we Celebrate come from such as chistmas,holloween,valentines day,easter,and thanksgiving

How the hell am i going to cook a hamburger and when i put the cheese on top it didnt melt it got crispy?

she wants everthing you want. she has no paticular type of guy. want to get married soon as possible. she fishs for compliments. she overly calls text and emails you.

there are no good men, we all are dogs,were all thugs and gang bangers,we sell drugs and smoke weed all day,we dont take care of our children,we have sex with every woman,we cant keep a job,were broke and usless,we come from nothing... more

Eclectic, experimental, and hard hitting are just few words to describe the artist Joshua Pearson aka Digibilly (‘Diji, bile). He's a Drum & Bass / EDM producer out of Philadelphia, PA. His music encapsulates the root essence of... more

Starting as a DJ, at the age of 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ native DJ YRS Jerzy is next in line as one of the industry's next big DJ, manager, and music mogul. DJ YRS Jerzy was highly influenced by Funk Master Flex, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ... more

How people relate mentally to their enviroments and situations they encounter