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Join Host Antonio M. Wilson for this compelling show based on the book Series "Behind The Faith" A look at why Christians believe what they believe.

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Astral projection is when a person voluntarily tries to leave their body behind and ascend to a spiritual plane where one believes they will find truth and clarity. It is also referred to as an out of body experience. Are dreams the same thing? The... more

The final in the series on prayer, we take a look at consecration and dedication which is when you don't know what Gods will is for you and binding and loosing, where you're binding the works of the devil and loosing the power of the Lord on... more

Types of Prayer continues with the Prayer of Agreement and Intercession, the most dangerous form of prayer there is. Behind The Faith is a broadcast based on the book series Behind The Faith by Antonio M Wilson, available at Barnes... more

The first in a series about the types of prayer, Faith or Petition, Agreement, Binding and Loosing which is mostly about demonic interactions, Consecration and Dedication when you don't know Gods will for you, Intercession, the most... more

Is the Lords Prayer something we should say today? What exactly does this prayer mean and what was the context that Jesus was giving when he said it? Is there any evidence that anyone in the Bible actually used the Lords Prayer? Did... more

Is Israel today the Israel of the Bible? Today the bloodline of the people of Israel is intermarried and diluted with other cultures, does this fact and the advent of their rejection of Christ among the majority of the population of the... more

Many people ask the question, can a homosexual be a Christian? There is a prejudice and judgment the church places on people who are, moreso than those who share the same distinctions according to God Himself. Adulterers,... more

What are spiritual gifts, are these gifs still in operation today and how can you know if you have any? There are many in the clergy who cherry pick the viability and existence of certain spiritual gifts. Many suggest that speaking in... more

The Rapture, the burial of Moses, Jesus coming in the flesh, Armageddon, Man in Heaven, War and sin existing in Heaven, Noah and the Flood, the translation of Enoch and Elijah, the transfiguration of Christ. We explore what all these events... more
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