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Dr. Laura Riffel is the "Behavior Doctor". She has over 30 years of experience working with children in regular and special education Pre-K through high school. She also raised three successful children and she and her husband chose to live with an adult who happened to have autism, bi-polar condition, intellectual disabilities and obessive compulsive disorder. She shares insights about function behind behavior and gives tips on targeting the behavior and not the child.

On-Demand Episodes

This presentation goes with the following PowerPoint on Test Taking Strategies: http://behaviordoctor.org/files/powerpoints/testtakingstrategies/MarchCoachesMtg.ppt It's almost the end of the semester and many students will be taking tests... more

October 28, 2011. Join Dr. Laura Riffel as she takes you through her Functional Behavior Assessment to Behavioral Intervention Planning training. You can download the book for free at... more

This session is for those of you who have students who don't do what you ask, when you ask. Non-compliance is one of the biggest complaints from educators. This session gives you 20 tips to try out in your classroom for those... more

This short session is for those students who say, "I don't want to and you can't make me." Guess what? When a child says that they are right. Short of picking them up and carrying them somewhere (which I don't recommend) you... more

Do your children have fears that are contributing to difficulties at home or school? This session focuses on overcoming fears in children. We discuss fear of: school monsters the dark illness spiders certain letters or words Simple remedies are... more

This session talks about two very important topics: 1) students who wander around the classroom because they have sensory needs and 2) children with significant disabilities who wander away from home. I mention quite a few... more

This is the last of the series of dolls teaching about behaviors that parents and teachers witness with children. We talk about kids who have given up and I end with a list of books to read this summer to help with motivating yourself and... more

This presentation focuses on rudeness in children and how to combat it. We don't fight rudeness with rudeness. This program is dedicated to how to keep your cool when a child is rude. One of the websites mentioned for school-wide PBIS is... more

Space Cadet Skipper is about those children who visit other planets thinking about their teen idol or dreams of skateboarding after school. How do we keep these kids grounded at school and paying attention when they so quickly leave... more