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We are a Jesus Group who worships, intercedes and teaches the Word of God by the power of the Holy Ghost.

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We have all experienced loss in our life...whether through death, separation, or divorce. And depending on the type of loss and its severity, we can experience abandonment, lonliness, anger, fear, rejection, dejection, or a number of other... more

Dating can be a difficult part of life to navigate, but the book "Boundaries in Dating" by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend gives us clear, concise, and practical truths to help us complete the journey well...if we put their insight into... more

We continue on in our series tonight! We will talk real talk on what are "Boundaries"! Telling the Truth in our relationships! Making sure that we take God on our dates! Recognizing that dating does not cure our lonliness... more

Alright everybody! The series is here, "The Joys and Pains of Dating and Sex!" begins with this episode with dating talk! We all have stories...some great....some not so great...about the successes we have had in our dating life and the... more

"Wat's in Your Heart?" Do you know what is in your heart? ...The Good, Not So Good, and The Worst? The heart is the source of our life both naturally and spiritually. Our natural heart may become blocked due to our unhealthy lifestyle... more

Father's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the strength, love, and patience of men who are blessed to be called Fathers. It relates to the word Father and we will pray for ALL fathers. You may be a biological Father, a surrogate Father, a... more

Fathers are not as celebrated as Mothers are, but the role of the Father is one of the most significant role in a child's life. And it should be honored as such! Fathers are not only the head of the household, but they are he who sets the... more

Tonight we will have our opening session celebrating Fathers. The role of the Father is such an essential role in the lives of children. Fathers were ordained to speak into the lives of their children as Abraham spoke over Isaac and as Issac... more

This is the last week in our Mother's Day series and waht a way to end! Raising children is hard work in this day and age. You have so many 'experts' saying, 'let your children be free', 'let them express themselves', and 'let them make... more