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Ferguson Is On Track to Changing Policing Across America and Much More

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There's a movement growing across America. The movement is on track to change a lot of things that are required for the best America ever. One of the ways this movement will end in the best America ever, is that all Americans will be included. The movement began in Ferguson Missouri. This will be a first. America has come a long ways but justice for all Americans has never been part of the fabric of America as will be required this time. When we speak of justice likely the mind goes toward the courts. Well justice in the courts is at the top of the list. But justice begins with truth and righteousness. When we think in this manner about justice the average working person, who is the backbone of America will realize immediately, justice has not prevailed and the result has not been things that are good.  every includes all Americans. There are four area where we are going to see justice prevail across America as a direct result of the young people of Ferguson standing up for justice. The stand taken by the up and rising society of Ferguson will not be welcomed by all, but in decades to come, all America will benefit. The same thing happened in the 1960's when there were demonstrations for freedom of blacks to get jobs, eliminate police brutality, right to vote without losing jobs and life. Ferguson is actually fighting a fight that has aleady been fought. The difference is no water hose, but guns, and not all blacks see themselves as being in the shoes of Ferguson. Some people are blaming Ferguson for where they are today. The fact is America is in America today, more than ever before corporations are ruling our ever move. From conception to education, to punishments to economics, to inheritance. ALEC is the organization that controls America and ALEC is the organization that has to be put out of business. The only way to cease the practices of ALEC in America is to vote out the GOP.