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All Policies Good and Bad are the Direct Results of People Speaking Up

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Whatever things lacking in USA society today for the masses are the results of groups of people speaking up for their identified causes. And because people have stood up against benefits to the masses benefits, laws have been passed that directly come against the masses and specific groups in the masses.

Whatever have been made available to the citizenery in USA today is the direct result of what people have stood up for and spoke out for and or against. Laws will only be passed when people stand up for their needs and desires of today and of the decades to come.

There are things the citizenery will lose unless millions of people actually speak out, stand up in whatever capacity available. The law makers are elected officials. The bill writers are ALEC. The SCOTUS has the final say. It is time to claim every opportunity this land offers it's citizenery. Corrupt greedy politicians and CEOs are stripping Americans of things too many citizens are taking for granted. This is the politics of our society.

The average citizen is not involved in politics except for 2-3 months before a general election. There are enough of us who know exactly what's wrong and we know what it takes to fix it. We must boldly speak out and save all that is good, and add to it. The mid term election is used by older Americans to take society back to yesteryear. We have no need to go back to serving rich white male. Those days stroked egos but didn't even benefit the rich white male. Having power is not the way to sustain a thriving USA. This midterm, Nov 2014 people who need and depend on #birth control, #jobs, #affordable medical care, #VA benefits, #Unemployment benefits, #social security, #medicare, #medicade, must register in August and #VoteDems2014. These things are on the table of extinction,  if people who needs these fail to register and vote for these issues.