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Poorest of Citizens Can Change 2014 Into a Year of Action

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One in every six Americans live in poverty. In the poorest of states statistics show republicans get the bulk of the votes. A lot of poor people votes for republicans and the concern is not just why citizens in poorest of states votes for republicans? The concern to get across to poor people is the power you have is to change politics for the better. Poor people, realize you are that 1 of 6 Americans who are poor. We do have various levels of poverty in America. You are poor if you live in poverty, even though your family is not in poverty. You are poor if you work for minimum wages or in the neighborhood of minimum wages. You are poor if you live off welfare. You are poor if you sarcely work and even if you receives no subsidies. You are poor if you live where they can get to before night fall: Under bridges, in cars, in parks, in public restrooms.

So why, is Americans satisfied being in so much poverty, with so much riches everywhere and why does Americans heart cry out for people fleeing into America from other countries, seeking asylum, but the same Americans totally ignore the millions of poor Americans who seek employment across this nation everyday?

Job seekers are told everyday by people in companies making more money than ever before that there are no jobs. The problems we all face daily, especially the problems poor people face can be solved with this simple 3 step program with no exceptions.

1.Register to vote during August. no exceptions

2.Contact elected officials and tell them the have 90 days to find jobs for Americans; renew uemployment benefits, and raise minimum wages. No exceptions

3.Vote in November based on concrete, verifiable changes (during August, September and October)  that the politicians made happen that is for the better. No exceptions