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Voters, So Many Things in This Country Just Aint Working? GOP Broke This Country

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Voters, put your eyes on the 2014 election. Don't lose perspective. Yes, so many things in this country aint working but the blame is with the GOP. GOP is divides America with hate speech to prime their base. Don't allow the lies of the ALEC paid media, politicians, journalist to distract goals that will put Americans back on jobs with higher wages than ever before. Keep your focus citizens / voters. Your politicians are keeping their focus on their careers and their children futures. Politicians do not focus on what citizens needs today.  Politicians care about politics, not the needs of the children today nor tomorrow. Occupy WallStreet is not corporate funded as is the T-Party. But don't forget, here in America, we still do one person one vote. We must find solutions by joining forces with already formed Occupy WallStreet. Let's come together. Lets establish the greatest people's movement of our time. The things in this country that aint working is because a group of corrupt millionaires and billionaires have joined forces with the GOP and formed conglomorates against we the people. Let us form our own conglomorates and work for the greater good of all citizens. Citizens 1st.

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