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America is Falling Apart at the Seams! Y?

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Since White men took America and pushed Indians onto reservations, it's been White men first. Let me preference that. The move has included Wealthy White men first. No other group of people mattered. Not the women of the wealthy White men, not the poor White men who did the dirty deeds of the wealthy White men, and definitely not the bucks, who were classifed by the wealthy White men as 3/4 human beings. So much less a human being that wealthy White men kept  no birth certificates on slaves and records on slaves were kept up by the blacksmith who worked for the wealthy White man. After slavery was abolished, the slaves thirst for freedom took paths far and near. Government paid merchants for the loss of their slaves. Government paid slave owners to give up their slaves. But slaves never received the promised 40 acres and a mule. Today after countless struggles, the president is the son of an African man and White woman. And for what seems like anger because slavery was abolished 150 years ago, a group or numb hearted, corrupt Whites, mostly wealthy White men, have been physically and verbally abusive toward Blacks, and toward Whites who would speak up in defense of Blacks. These days it appear every group in America is ready to live and let live except for the wealthy White male who still see and treat women, Blacks, Latinos, Poor people, Immigrants and LGBT as others. These group went Black at the polls and wealthy White men has been using their power and money every since in efforts to disrespect, discredit, disillusion the president and those who voted for the presidency of this Black man named Barack Obama.

Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you hear it. America is being punished for going black. This is evidence that ignorance of slavery still lives in the very soul of America. Those of us who know better must do better. It is in the name of the Lord thy God that America heal herself.