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My Mother Was Born 50 Years After Slavery Was Abolished

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A slave begat offspring who would own their own farm.

The farm owners begat offspring who would own their own homes in major cities across America.

That group of home owners begat offspring who own homes, traveled freely across America, served in the military.

And the 4th generation to experience freedom in America own homes, cars, inherited proper across America, and rasied offspring who are today professionals.

America is now 150 years out of the ownership of human beings. My mother was born 50 years after slavery was abolished. My mother's grandmother was 8 years old when the ownerhip of human beings ended in America. My ancestors left as much of slavery as they could behind them and traveled into other states to begin lives as free people. I know my history. I am proud of my history. And fact is, my family, slavery ancestry and all, has been far more successful than many Americans who never experienced slavery. So when I hear words meant to degrade Blacks, I think and recognize, too many people know too little about American history. And not knowing history causes people to do and say things without really understanding what the consequences could be. America got to where we are because Americans are for the most part, people with pride, charitable, civic minded, and spiritual people. Such people, throughout history has been ridiculed and even killed because they had not hate in their hearts for people unlike themselves. Hate is bubbling up in America once again. Once again the people are uniting and calling out the uglyness of what was once ownership of human beings, but is now racist, wanna be behavior.