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When Congress Blocks a Bill, Does it Matter

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Grover Norquist, Grover Norquist, Grover Norquist. Litigation! Regulations! Taxation! Here lies all the problems of the corruption in America today. It began with the Republican political party in 1973. The political party, known as the GOP includes, Politicians, CEOs, Media, people seeking fame and fortune, and low information voters. They all disregard truths to gain successes and look good in the moment by telling any lie necessary. Just as elections have consequences, all these GOP lies have consequences.

Congress has been blocking bills since the election of President Obama. I recall someone in the media making this statement: Why does the President keep sending through bills he know will not pass.

Let me be the first to answer that question. President Obama was writing bills of different variations with hopes of eventually seeing politicians coming together with a reason they could relate to and vote for US via the jobs bills

PBO jobs bills began in 2009 and the blocking of jobs bills began Jan 20, 2009, first by way of a verbal agreement and has continued. Dispite the GOP negative actions, the actions of the President's administration has resulted in a US Stock Market hitting an all time high in profit margin levels. With money flowing like the rivers, Company owners are storing $Trillions overseas, CEOs are getting bonuses, Gov't officials are getting bonuses, and the middleclass working force is disappearing. Poverty is growing and for the first time ever people of all persuasions are unifying in issue based situations and are more fired up than in the 2008 presidential election. Congress blocks bills, based on instructions of ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) and lock out of US workers continues, outsourcing continues, importing workers continues and poverty continues to grow across America.