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Jobs Shipped Over Seas? H1B Visas?

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Shipping US Jobs over seas to other countries is killing the American workforce. America's 2% is thriving. America's 98% are not all starving, but the number of people living with less is growing. The 47% identified by Mitt and the GOP, will do a lot worst before doing better. BeeSays this because when jobs (as said by Ross Perot) are sucked out of America, Americans are left to fight the battle with little or nothing while foreigners are reaping rewards.

Food insecurity (hunger) is manufactured through legislative schemes and hustles designed by business owners and enacted by the GOP. Shipping US jobs overseas means that's where the heart of our leaders are, overseas.

We have high unemployment because US companies are legally outsourcing American jobs to other countries

We have high unemployment because US companies are listing US occupations on work shortage list and then  leagally bringing in foreign workers to do jobs they don't want US workers to have.

Job seekers, ask questions of elected officials, GOP and Dems alike. Ask questions of the companies who are participating in outsourcing US jobs over seas.

Job seekers, ask questions of companies who are participating in H1B Visa employment of foreigners. 

Poverty in political!

You want good paying jobs fight for them. 

You want Affordable health care, fight for it.

You want Safe Communities, fight for it..

You want to be at peace, self sufficient, fight for it.

These are the things that keeps Americans struggling. And I don't know about you guys, but the stock market crash crashed my way of life and I haven't heard anyone apologize. I'm angry about it. Seeing GOP/ALEC/SCOTUS making decisions to make things better for them and worse for 98% means it is time for the fight. I choose prosperity.