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My Kitchen Table

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Comparing the budget of the United States saying it's like household budgeting (cut food stamps?) is a lie that needs to be called out. The kitchen table scenario is a kitchen table hoax. A political lying point used to say to convince Americans "I'm on your side in this". Its like operating a household.

Comparing operating a family budget to a nations budget is a political talking point that is nothing more than a way to get people on a particular side of the issue. A political lie. Elected officials continue the caring civil servant hoax cycle after cycle because they know we continue to fall for it. Elected officials actually have charged their constituents to attend townhall meetings. Why charge? To prevent people from coming and talking about issues important around their kitchen tables for real. To tell elected officials they have no kitchen table anymore. Or their kitchen table is in storage because their home was foreclosed on. Elected officials pass laws to take our money yet elected officials refuse to pass laws to save us  money or provide affordable healthcare. Our health care is 911. Then a person ask us, what's your emergency. 

One thing I hope everyone reading my showpage today can take from this. The 535 government workers collectively are only concerned about where they land in any given situation.  The 535 government workers do not care about working class citizens. They have fired government workers. Why Austerity? The 535 government workers aim to please CEOs not the working class. Therefore we must take the cinder from our eyes and see all of them as the people they are. Whatever it is we want or need in our communities we have to demand we get it or demand to see improvement in that direction continuously or we have to vote them out.