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Believe It or Not

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ALEC is the path to a full American Workforce. Our elected officials are responsible for the power ALEC has in America. Until we the people, (collectively) hold ALEC accountable, you will experience a serious deterioration of this country we all say we love. ALEC is a Trojan Horse America.  ALEC goal is to take full control of the world economy. ALEC goal is to control litigation, regulations, taxation, voting, and unions.

 ALEC benefits by controlling all of the above. ALEC control of all of the above brings harm to more Americans than not.  When you agree to outsourcing you are agreeing America should no longer prosper. ALEC is outsourcing US jobs to China and other countries. Our elected officials, our government made outsourcing a legal act for CEOs to indulge in with the intention of CEOs making more and more profits.

The strategy for CEOS includes GOP signing contracts on US, outsourcing US jobs, brining in H1B permanent workers to hire in place of American Teachers, Passing more bills against American workers. HR 1406 will end worker overtime an increased paycheck. HR 803 will defund government training programs for Americans. All this for private industry to exist? I think not!

Profit surely is the reason for private industry to exist. But private industry cannot exist without government, without non-profits, without the blood, sweat and tears of those who come before them, and without consumerism, which they strategically created. It's time for we the people to stop paying the piper. It's time for a better, more prosperous America for all.