ALEC Controls US. What Do We Know about ALEC

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ALEC Corporations: What Do We Really Know?

We have to be careful of who we defend America. What do we really know about those who willingly and unwillingly sign those paychecks?

When did ALEC first organize?

For what purpose did ALEC organize?

Who joined ALEC?

Why did Business Owners/ CEOs join ALEC?

Are/Were there corporate members of ALEC that were unaware of their membership?

Why or for what purpose did these Owners/CEOs join ALEC?

Who is no longer members of ALEC?

Who are members of ALEC in 2013?

Has ALEC caused harm across America as a group?

Should ALEC members consider ways to favor the well being of the American society?

Is ALEC the reason our US elected officials,

Obviously works to elliminate Unions 

No longer care to regulate business;

Fail to set standards toward the betterment of employees;

Want to end US minimum wage and voted against increases

Passed laws to place limits on litigation against corporations

Paved the way for job loss if employees choose to strike

ALEC Corporations
What do we know
What is ALECs stated purpose
Has ALEC caused harm
Should ALEC now show favor
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