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Podcast hosted by Sam Maxwell regarding a premium-cable Period-Piece TV Series in development about Brooklyn & its Dodgers, keeping the audience active listeners in research process.

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The Bedford & Sullivan podcast marches on towards the new baseball season, and today, we will continue talking Brooklyn Legacy. Danny Abriano, a Brooklyn native and site editor for Rising Apple, learned his love of the game from his... more

The Bedford & Sullivan podcast almost sat out this week after the initial guest had to take a rain check...but instead of riding the bench, we've gotten a pinch-hitter on board in Brooklyn Dodgers Reader author Andrew Mele! Andy, who... more

Keepin' goin' with our new weekend routine, The Bedford & Sullivan podcast turns 46 today, the TV Series research process truckin' along strong. Today, we have a Mr. Alan Newmark on the show, who has been on once before and is also a... more

The Bedford & Sullivan podcast reaches number 45! For this episode, the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger Mike Lecolant, a writer on the Mets site Rising Apple as well, calls in to discuss the all things Brooklyn...from his neighborhood of Bay... more

The Bedford & Sullivan podcast has reached episode 44! For this one, we bring on a man who has as much knowledge of the game of baseball as I have ever come across. Greg Prince has been a Mets fan virtually since he was born in... more

The Bedford & Sullivan podcast returns after a brief haitus, and we're focusing on the upper part of Manhattan. With myself (Sam Maxwell) on location at the foot of the Giants ballpark in San Francisco, New York Giants Preservation Society... more

Episode 42 has arrived for the Bedford & Sullivan podcast! An old friend of the show, Dodgers team historian Mark Langill, calls in to discuss, in honor of the episode number, Jackie Robinson. We will also discuss the life and legacy of the... more

The Bedford & Sullivan podcast has entered its 40's, kicking them off with quite the namesake. Today we welcome Gil Hodges, Jr. to the program to discuss his father, the Hodges legacy, and growing up in Brooklyn. So, join us at 10AM... more

The Bedford & Sullivan podcast has hit its 40th episode! And a fantastic 40th episode it is! Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Carl Erskine, a regular in these here parts, calls in once more to discuss some of his teammates, from Gil Hodges to... more

The New York Giant-themed weekend continues with the 39th episode of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast! Today, Moe Resner, who has told his stories on the podcast before, will join us to discuss catching on film the last game the Giants... more