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Becoming Advantage

The Becoming Advantage - Adapting to Change


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What is the Becoming Advantage? Becoming is the process of evolving. This process requires adaptation. Those who adapt have an Advantage. Wellness Coaching Topics will include: -Mastering the Aging Process - latest antiaging advances -Getting your life together! - Transformational -Trauma and Recovery: From Patient to Person

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Do you want to live to be a 100? I have the secret! This week we'll explore how making small changes can have a huge impact, not only on how long we live, but more importantly, on the quality of our lives. I am going to provide 10 steps that... more

Of all the steps you can take to stay healthy and prevent disease, eating a nutritious diet is probably the most important. This week we'll begin a series of shows on Nutrition, Prevention, and Wellness starting with Carbohydrates,... more

How's your resolution to lose weight going? Does that question make you want to "lose it?" Well, don't go crazy. This week we'll explore emerging research that reveals simple, holistic, and healthful ways to drop pounds. Robert will discuss... more

Every year millions of people make New Year Resolutions; however, by February, our resolve is waning and by May most of us don't even remember them. By year's end, we're mad with yourselves. Well, not this year! Your Wellness... more

We continue our series on Change: How to manage personal change - This week we explore how to identify areas in your life that are blocking your potential. I'll share a powerful tool for self-change that will empower you to realize... more

Self-change is a staged-process. There are 5 stages of change. Knowing the stages and which one you are in is the first step to becoming your best self. We'll discuss the 5 stages and learn how to recognize which one you may be in for a... more

Hate Change? No worries! This week Wellness Coach Robert Cleary explores 9 ways to drive change rather than just survive it. The key to managing change is have strategies that work to reduce the stress associated with the unknown.

Becoming is the process of evolving. This process requires adaption. Those who adapt have an Advantage. You only have one choice to make: will you decide to become more of who you are, thus be your authentic self or less than who you... more
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