Career Takes Off After Committing to Daily Exercise

Beautiful Life Productions

Beautiful Life Productions

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Meet Shane Whaley! He  has lost 70lbs in the last two year by juicing daily and running.

He now runs the blog as he wants to support others who are fed up with being overweight and sick. Whaley admits to being a 'fat business guy' who 'ate all the wrong things and never exercised.'

He could not even run for 5 minutes when he started but he now runs at least 15-20 miles a week and has completed two half marathons. His career also took off after he committed to exercising regularly. He landed a dream transfer from Sweden to San Francisco and has been promoted twice since losing the weight. Whaley says this is down to the 'extra clarity' that the receives from regular exercise and optimal nutrition.

Shane states, "Pledge 20 is a resource which encourages people to move for 20 mins each day, a noble aim and something I certainly support."

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