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Jordan, Vanity, & Maine Bring you BMR Season 2...Double the coonery...double the laughs...and we STILL aint see a MOTHERFU*KING DIME off this..Tuesdays @ 8p.m.!!

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Ladies & Gentlemen… You ever have that friend that eventually turns into your enemy over something frivolous OR serious? Ever wondered why these otherwise tight friendships go south? Well we're going to discuss when friends... more

Look alright.... Everyone isn't as lucky as you to smash on the first date...or to find love at first sight. SOME OF US have BAD encounters. Doesn't matter what was teh circumstance, some of our encounters turn out real bad for us....some... more

Welp.. You guys asked for it again....Maine & Tee have returned with the Double Extra Nastines; but this time its dialed up to another level. They are bring all the elements from the first show PLUS two special guests. Maine's bringing his... more

Lets be realistic, people are hooking up all the time on social media (well not FB anymore, too emotional over there). Anyway BMR wants to help (sort of) by having a hook-up extravaganza! Call us up, give us your @ name and... more

So coming off the "titles" show, one title we did not touch on is the ultimate title of "parent." Now before you say something like "we'll you aren't one so you don't understand," understand that we at BMR are not trying to "give" advice on being... more

You ever....meet someone...you guys start dating....time passes, but he/she hasn't acknowledged you as anything solid (ie; boyfriend, fiancee etc).... So we decided to start a discussion about the importance (or lack of) of... more

*Sweeps the last of the Glitter off the soundboard* Coming off one of the greatest shows in the history of show-dom, Maine decided he wanted to allow his inner-pervert to flourish. So this weeks show was highjacked by him and Tee... more

So this week.... the relationship conversation makes its way to the front...however THIS show will cover the topic a bit...differently.... From leaving the God damn toilet seat up...to trying to sneak in the bed smelling like Newports and skripper... more

Ok so let me get this straight.. Ladies: "So you notice she has a fat ass....and you tell HIM she has a fat ass...but if HE looks at this ass...HE'S WRONG?!?" Fellas: You try to smash every chick you can....but the minute you're ready to settle... more

You asked for us to come back...you should have given that some thought... Beast Mode Radio Season 2 Starring myself, Vanity and introducing Maine(SMH and you'll see why). Listen to us slur our way through the introductory episode... more