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Children's Radio Show featuring the Adventures of Bucky and Betty, Beantown's two main characters and featured children's entertainers as guests.

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Bucky and Boss tell their story about the day that Boss lost his tooth. It seems that Robo let go of a wrench and it hit Boss in the 'kisser' and then Boss put it in a glass of milk and then Batty drank the milk...oh well, tune in and hear the... more

Amother week in Beantown with more stories about Jack's Beans and their wacky stories and crazy adventures: Bucky's attempt to beat spoonracing champion, Wrecks and his sidekicks Vain and Muncher, and Mayor Hasbean.

Another episode of Bucky and Betty with Tom Hayes as host. In today's episode, Bucky interviews Mayor Hasbean and questions him about his decision to employ trolls to serve as highway toll collectors and witches as skyway patrol. Tune... more

Bucky and Betty are back with more music, songs, stories, news and interviews in the mythical village of Beantown.

The following is a description of Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman's first children's chapter book: In this little, children's chapter book, you will meet the main characters that weave throughout all of the stories that are set in ancient Japan.... more

Another great episode of the wacky adventures of those crazy beans living, working and playing in the mythical land of Beantown. Descendants of Jack's magical beans.

Bucky hosts another show with the latest stories and stand-up routines about Beantown and Beantown Pals.

Lori Tobin is the author of 'Rennaissance Mother', a TV cooking host, designer and producer of children's sportswear, mother and wife. Join us for a discussion on how to raise kids by being a Renaissance Mother.

Saturday Oct 25, 2014 The Adventures of Bucky and Betty

More wacky adventures of Bucky and Betty and all the Beantown Pals as they live life in Beantown.