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Do you love BBQ? Whether you are grilling in the back yard or smoking ribs for a competition, you're in the right place. We love BBQ, because BBQ means LOVE. Join us and we'll talk about cookers, sauces, techniques, and how to get into the competition game, if that's your thing.

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Tune into The X Nation BBQ Show hosted by Smokin X. We go live every Thursday evening from 6-8 pm cst! Tonight we will be talking music, cooking supplies and of course BBQ with Chris Chadwick, Chef Sara and Junior Urias!... more
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Lets Talk BBQ

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Rod Lorick NFL Star and Host of JB and the Champ live from various locations around the country

Wow what a night OMG OMG Linda Orrison, Craig Orrison, Randall Bowman National BBQ Cup, Chris Chadwick, Rod Lorick it was a majic night!!

Pitmaster Robert Sierra, Chris Chadwick, James Tindell all on BBQSuperStars talking BBQ!!

Best Friday Night Entertainment in the Country!!

The JB and The Champ Greatest Show in the Country!!

Motley Que Crew BBQ Team Wow What a Show they were fabulous man what a great show!!!

We have a great show planned with Kell Phelps, your NBBQA President that founded National Barbecue News and is the organizer of the Best of the Best Invitional and Open competitions, joining us along with Dana "Big Papa" Hillis.... more

Thriller, The BBQSuperStar stuck in this haunted house after taking a wrong turn and Jordan Woody tried to help, Rod Lorick came by and it was up in the air for a long time!!!
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