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COMMON SENSE where are you???????????

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Money the root of all EVIL.think that is true? Reading  some things today and it surly seems  that way..

Whar happen to a far wage for a days work, honest and hard work. Nobody believes in it anymore..

Stick  it to who you can and  suffer no conquences even to point of killing another person to obtain what? 

Take away another person father, mother, sister, brother. Wake up in the morning not with the idea of doing something productive  but with a plan to go rob someone that has worked and earned  and  if it takes killing them oh well. I need what I need. ,maybe that is called productive for some.

What do you need ?,that you kill and murder, the spoils will only last for a while and you go out again until you meet the person who will take your life or you so  smart that you get caught and spend half your life behind the fence.

What is this mentaity that has arose live for today and F#$%&  tomorrow. .

Gotta  get that swag going . Does this come from giving a child everything in life?  than when it comes time for them to make the move they do not have a clue because it has always been given without any conditions.

Do you complain so much that your child feels that they are the poorest being alive and this is their way out.?

Somebody  please tell these fools even the people they are attempting to emulate are working their asses off trying to stay on top of the game. It takes thought and hard work to keep you as a follower of the hype.