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COMMON SENSE where are you ?

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Guns have a place, not in my home. My husband always own a gun the children knew where it was and knew he had it. I did not want to see a gun or be near one. I know that people own guns living in the south and I am sure it was the same here and everywhere else. It was and is a man thing, being the protector. I have three children that know how to handle guns. A policeman, an educator, and poet, go figure.I am very sure that my grandchildren know the ills of a gun. A gun was to be left in the home not to be carried around for show and to let everyone know how bad you are or where. You where taught the rights and wrongs of the gun. it was and is not a toy do not treat it as such. Now everyone knows where the gun is and where you can go an get one.

Here is the dilemma  the gun is gone someone is dead and the gun belongs to the house. More than likly it was stolen (maybe) the gun is missing (where is it?) Now this is family or a so called friend that has stolen the gun and killed or murdered someone(killed and murdered are not the same) but someone is dead.

Now you know or you have that gut feeling who took the gun.What do you do take honor in not revealing or snitch.

You say snitch I say telling the truth.

In my day you where told  in no uncertain terms do not  bring the law to my door step and you surly could not have gotten away with stealing the gun.  OH HELL NO . IF YOU DID IT YOU BETTER STAY IN THE STREET.

You know why because you where not raised the way.

So what is going on with these wanna be gangster taking people lives with no remorse.

Is it too many women raising boys alone or too many men not being men..

Children are watching ,what do they see when they look at you?