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A comedy radio show with host Bawdy, Mafaba, and intern Waylon. They laugh each week about different subjects.

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Take a break from all the running around you are doing for the season, grab a glass and join us for a few laughs!

Yep, it is that time of year again when we get to have all that fun of shopping for the perfect gift. How do you go about it? For us it is a little crazier than most, so join us as we swap stories. Call in and tell us your story.

Hope everyone had a great turkey day and didn't get hurt shopping. Now it is time to sit back and rest while listening to you follow the current fad? What do you think of them?

Define Rich Rich to some means money and gold and to others means much, what does it mean to you?

Do you believe everything that is told to you by the media, internet, or friends? When do we think for ourselves and when do we believe what we hear?

Happy Halloween! Tonight our show is about what scares you. Everyone is afraid of something, so what is that something for you?

We all can relate to this...jealousy! Whether it is of a sibling or partner or even if it is over that last glass of We are all jealous at some time.

If you grew up as we did, then you know we didn't go to the doctor for just anything and our Mom had her own meds. We may surprise you with some new helpful hints, also. So tune in and have a laugh with us!

Bawdy and Mafaba are sisters that have been laughing at life situations for years. They will discuss anything and laugh about things that might seem taboo to some. When life sends lemons their way, they just squeeze the laugh out of them.
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