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Tom Stalcup Producer of Epix Documentary"TWA Flight 800"Our Guest Tonight

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Tom Stalcup, Producer of the Epix Documentary "TWA Flight 800" and Hannk Hughes Lead NTSB Investigator for the TWA Flight 800 crash, will be my guest tonight.

TWA Flight 800 exploded in midair and crashed into the sea off the coast of Long Island, July 17, 1996 killing all of the crew and passengers. It was one of the deadliest airline crashes in American history. The official cause of the crash was listed as a "fuel tank vapor explosion", though no evidence was ever found to validate that determination.

This documentary is not a "conspiracy theory" film. It is a factual telling of the most documented government cover up that has ever been recorded. The folks testifying that they were coerced, lied to, kept from doing their jobs, forbidden to write reports or examine evidence and witnesses to the cover up are not crazy tin hats, they are the actual Federal NTSB investigators, FBI labratory supervisors, military pilots, and hundreds of honest American citizens who were actual eyewitnesses who have come out sixteen years later to recount their experiences on the day of the crash, and during the year long in investigation.

am sure this was not the first time Americans were ever lied to by the government, and will most certainly never be the last, but it might have been the first time the government realised they could get away with so much by controlling and manipulating the media and their own investigators, and it is most certainly the most detailed recording and witnessed cover up in our history.

I have never been a "conspiracy theorist" and am not one now. But this is not a conspiracy theory, it is simply a documentation of how evidence was destroyed, mishandled, witnesses were coerced and intimidated, ignored, and the American public was lied to.

 I think you need to see the documentaty and listen to this interview