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A Government of Corruption-Get Some Kerosine and a Match

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Government has always been a corrupt entity. Ever since the first group of less hairy apes banded together for mutual defense and support, and one of the biggest, and most scheming apes elected itself leader, there has been corruption, favoritism, nepotism and just downright thuggery.

America is no different. We ran a good game for a little while, being a brand new entity, but we have been working on getting dirty for a long time and we have been spiraling down into corruption and spoil at breakneck speed for the last two decades.

It seems there is nothing that our government will not do now, from lying and stealing to murdering it's own citizens, individually, and by the plane, helicopter and compound full. Government has become so large and powerful and so contempt-full of the people it governs that it has become completely careless and sloppy at covering up the lies and thefts and murders now. Our leaders go on TV and just tell us that we can not believe what we see or hear. That because they say the sky is green, we should just swallow it whole without questioning them. In fact, they get indignant about our questions and have made it common practice to go after folks who shine too much light on the lies the government deals out to us. In some cases, who knows really how many, shining a light on the governments lies has caused the shiners death.

So what can we do about it? My grandfather told me once when we were cleaning out the chicken coop, that sometimes the coop gets so nasty and infested with vermin, that there is no good solution for the mess. The only thing that can be done is to get a can of kerosine, some newspaper and a match. That may be the point we are at now. Maybe we need a big can of kerosine and a big match.

Call in tonight and tell me what you think the solution could be 347-308-8790