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Purifying Water/LibertySeeds/Appleseed Neighborhood/TWA 800

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We have several things to discuss tonight. As water is the most important part of your preps, you need to make sure you have safe clean water you can drink. In a down grid situation, no water is safe to drink unless you yourself have purified it or it came from an unopened bottle of water. 

You need to be able to use any of several methods and usually combining methods to insure water purity.

Also want to discuss The Appleseed "Liberty Seed" program, and the "Appleseed Neighborhood" program. With ammunition still hard to find, and expensive for a lot of folks, these two programs allow us to get out the same Appleseed message  we talk to folks about at shooting Appleseeds.

And I want to talk to folks about the recent documentary covering the TWA Flight 800 downing. Fifteen years after the TWA aircraft was mysteriously brought down in the Atlantic, folks are breaking their silence about the event.

Government investigators, eyewitnesses, former U.S. Government Agents/employees are telling their stories of FBI falsifying information, destroying evidence (on camera) intimidating witnesses and lying over and over to senate investigators. All to protect who? To cover up What? Why?

I bring this up not to simply draw attention to this one specific event, but because this has become the norm for our government. Our government holds it's citizens in such disgusting contempt that it lies in bold face font, completely sloppy and incompetent lies, they do not care if you believe them or not, because they are the government. What are YOU going to do about it?

What can we do about it? The government seems to have hit upon a smashing tactic of dosing the public with mass multiple scandals since it has learned that if they just pile them up, there is no way anyone will take them seriously.

We have to fix this.

Hope to see you there!