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Choosing a Firearm for Home/Personal Defense

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If you have made the decision to integrate a firearm into your home/personal defense plan, that is great. But what type of firearm are you going to need?What are the specific questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a firearm? And what impact does bringing a firearm into your home and keeping it available to you have on your home, family, guests?

We touched on this a couple of weeks ago but I want to talk more about it tonight, as well as talk to folks about making sure you are staying on top of your "Dry Fire Game".

Your dry fire game is not just aligning your sights and then holding them on the target while you squeeze the trigger. It covers every single thing you would do with the firearm except loading live rounds and firing it.

My definition of a good dry fire game includes every thing you will do with the firearm in your hands. From retrieving it from its station or drawing it-to putting it back in the holster or returning it to station. Including sights, sighting and trigger squeeze, failures and stoppages, practicing magazine changes, reloading cylinders or single loading rifles, using your firearm and working the mechanical operations of it one handed, off handed, laying down, kneeling, on your back etc., movement techniques with the firearm in your home.

Every single thing you can possibly imagine yourself doing with your personal defense firearm. Running through these tasks in your mind and then performing them physically on a regular basis. Imagining scenarios or acting them out and making decisions about what you will do and how you will respond to as many situations as you can, before you have to make those decisions.

Be sure and call in with your suggestions and ideas for a home/personal defense firearm and why you would use it or suggest it, and what you would suggest for others to use.

Hope to see you here!