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It's The End of The World as We Know it....

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At least it should be, right? Every day should be the end of the world as we know it because we should be reinventing the world  every day we wake up and find ourselves still alive. We should never be accepting the world around us as the only way it can ever be.

It should always be in our minds to make sure we are creating the world we want to live in. How can we do this? Well, the best way, unless we wake up to an EMP, or a comet striking the earth, is always one small step at a time, a little bit every day. That is the same way we can change the rest of the world we live in, the groups we are part of. Making them our own and investing ourselves in their success.

America is entering into one of the most dangerous periods in it's history. More dangerous than even in the first days of The American Revolution. If we had failed then, I can say with almost complete certainty we would have tried again and again until we succeeded. If we fail now, we do not lose just a battle, or even a war, we lose a nation and the ideas that created it. We lose our heritage and we lose the nation we want to leave to our progeny. Instead of leaving them a home we make them orphans.

We do not have a defined enemy like our ancestors did in many cases. We can not put our sights on a British Regular and make it right with a squeeze of our triggers. Our enemy is much more subtle and heinous. Our enemy knows we will not recognize it in time to save ourselves. Our enemy is one of our own making, it is our own disregard for saving ourselves and taking the huge step of recognizing our enemy in our own faces, and closing with our enemy to do battle.

What are you doing to make sure we do not lose the most important battle in our history?

I hope to see you all there!