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Rememver The Ala...what was the name of that place?

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Americans have a massive dose of ADD that allows only the last few days of memories to be easily recovered and accessed. Anything further than that and it starts to get cloudy and confusing. "Why are we in Afghanistan, Iraq?" "Why are we not letting folks like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jung Ill realize their full potential as dictators?" Wait...something like this sounds familiar, WWII and some guy.....oh well, lost it, the answer is gone now. We can't remember. Why do we not give the government complete control of our lives and make all of our decisions? This has never been tried before right? And if it had been, it all worked out ok....right? Unbelievable. The ignorance of the common American, the ones who can not even name the Vice President they voted for. The ones who look at a picture of George Washingtom and say"Some old guy, who knows, that was way before my time dude" The ones who when asked what the bill of rights are, start spouting out the Miranda warning. Americans....if you can call them that, seem to have a complete collective loss of memory when asked to give the government cmplete control over private industry. The cannot remember the failures of the government in every single venture of this type in America's history. Every single time the government has gotten it's hands on a business or organization or program it has destroyed it. This would be a good reason not to hand over these programs to the government would it not? But with American Amnesia we hand those keys over again and again and we get the same results again and again. How will we end this? We become the people who hand down history ourselves, by mouth, to everyone we can speak to. At The Appleseed Project, we do this every weekend of the year. We start wiith the events of Apeil 19th, 1775. Join us tonight as we discuss the way you too can join us on your own path to becoming a Rifleman, a Patriot.