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Talking Texans football.

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Look upon thy free agency periods and drafts, then kill yaself.

Join the BRB staff as they discuss, with pinpoint accuracy, what kind of alcohol they are staking out for Thursday and Friday night. And the offseason. And maybe, if there's time, the draft.

In which we discuss the foibles of the offseason, pre-free agency, draft, and other things.

Will the Texans take out the Ravens? Will the Ravens end the Texans season? Will we care after last Saturday's incredulousness?

Yes, finally.

Yeah. We'll talk about it but not much. Look forward to the future, friends!

The Texans lost a football game. And it's okay.

The Houston Texans clinched the AFC South last Sunday. Listen to us blather about it, and maybe a game next week. Who knows. Do they still have games left?

A pun is a play on words. A yay-tes is a play on joy.

What do we know about last week's game? What effect does it really have?