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Mark of the Beast revealed...Stop Accepting the Mark

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 the actual definition of a ‘Mark’ A Mark was never a coin, but rather a piece of paper, a ‘bill’ used as a ‘Unit of Account’ that was easier to use than hauling around your gold or silver. The Mark was equal to 100 pence…a hundred pennies, a dollar, a dollar bill, and therefore and without debate is a MARK.  The dollar bill is actually a Mark, and it belongs to Washington, it’s Washington’s mark, the only bill that includes the graven image forbidden by God, the image of the god of Egypt, a direct violation of Constitutional law as well as the 2ndCommandment of God, and this Great Seal is evidence, proof, that a covenant between Washington and the Serpent had been made…for the Serpent instructs man to ‘make the image’ contrary to Gods law, and the Serpent would give power and authority to rule, and thus the Great Seal is that graven image of not only the god of Egypt, but the secret enlightenment that the serpent originally tempted man with in the Garden how to become equal to God via the apotheosis which is also depicted on the dollar bill. And if you hold the bill up to the light you can see who is in the middle between the beginning and end is Washington as the ‘One’ as the God in the ‘In God We Trust’ as the God of earth, as He who was and is not yet is, the son of perdition, that wicked one, that man of sin, the destroyer, the lawless one (as he has to violate his own laws in order to rule, the Beast, who is giving assistance to the False Prophet of Islam, both are Antichrist and we know what we must do to be saved, to allow our Father to come to our rescue…obey the Word, separate and stop accepting the Mark of the Beast.  It’s a start. And we need to start to comply with the Word to come out of her