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Battle of the Bulge x WW2 info

Battle of the Bulge


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Greetings! My radio talk show discusses, in depth,the phenomenal BATTLE OF THE BULGE. It is sometimes referred to as: the Great German Ardennes Counteroffensive of mid-December 1944. Anything and everything about this awesome campaign will be covered and analyzed. This will include, but will by no means be limited to, the backdrop to the battle, the massive German military buildup, the opening barrage, the defense of Elsenborn Ridge, the fight for the Twin Villages, the defense of St. Vith, the heroic stand in and around Bastogne, Patton's legendary counter attack, the drive of the 2nd Panzer Division, Battle-Group Peiper, the Panther Tank, the Tiger Tank, the King Tiger Tank, the Sherman Tank, German infantry weapons, American infantry weapons, and the soldiers on both sides. It will be a lot of fun! And, as a brand new addition to my show, I will spend my final hour discussing a famous engagement of the Second World War; thus, the title: Battle of the Bulge x WW2 info. It could be on just about anything from any theatre! So, stay tuned each and every time for a brand new teaser on just what I will be talking about. You will not want to miss out!!

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Greetings friends! In this episode of the, BATTLE OF THE BULGE, we will discuss the German 2nd Panzer Division's assault upon the Belgian town of Clervaux on December 17 and 18 1944. It's going to be very thought provoking... more

Greetings friends! In this episode of, THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE, we will continue our discussion of the American military disaster on the Schnee Eifel during the great Ardennes counter offensive of mid-December 1944. It is going... more

Greetings friends! In this episode of the BATTLE OF THE BULGE, we will discuss the DESTRUCTION ON THE SCHNEE EIFEL. I won't tell you anymore than that, because I do not want to spoil it! You will simply have to tune in to discover what... more

Greetings friends! This episode of the: BATTLE OF THE BULGE, will analyze more of the German Fifth Panzer Army's breakthrough during the first few days of the great Ardennes counter offensive. It will be a lot of fun, as well as thought... more

Greetings friends! In this episode of The Battle Of The Bulge, we will discuss Fifth Panzer Army's big breakthrough in even greater detail. It will be a lot of fun. I hope to see you there!!

Greetings friends! Tonight's show will analyze the big breakthrough by Hasso von Manteuffel's Fifth Panzer Army. It will be a tremendous amount of fun! Hope to see you there!

Greetings friends! There was a streamlining problem network wide on Wednesday December 16. As a result, my show was cut off. So, my friends, we will redo the entire show tommorrow at 1:00 PM. It will run two full hours. Please tune in!!

Greetings friends! Tonights show will be a huge two hour special commemorating day 1 of this phenomenal military campaign. We will go back to the very beginning and cover everything possible to give this tremendous battle its true worth. The... more

Greetings friends! In this installment of, THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE, we will discuss and analyze German commander S.S. Colonel Joachim Peiper, and his Kampfgruppe, [Battle Group], during the night of December 15 1944 thru... more

Greetings Frineds! In this installment of the Battle of the Bulge, we will discuss December 16 1944 in retrospect. Alanysis of all three German Armies' gains and losses will be analyzed and discussed. Please call in and be a part of the show!... more