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    Hasta La Vista, Wader (BP KC Episode 37)

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    It was hinted and suggested and assumed, and then it was finalized. Wade Davis was traded for Jorge Soler. 
    We discussed the way the market developed, the implications of the move, Soler's potential, Davis's history, and where it leaves the Royals.
    Then we continued to talk about some Jarrod Dyson rumors and his sneaky value.
    Follow the Vault at @KCBaseballVault. Follow host Jeff Herr at @TheJeffReport, co-host Michael Engel at @michaelengel. You can also email feedback to KansasCityBaseballVault@gmail.com. Email us a question and if we answer it on the air, we’ll send you a gift certificate to our friends at Kelly’s Westport Inn.

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    11/19/2016: Episode 45 - Season Finale with Grant Brisbee

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    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the Chroncast is at it again, but just one last time in 2016. That's right, after this week's episode, you won't have me or Doug to kick around anymore! Joining us this week for an appropriate send-off is Baseball's Grant Brisbee. 
    What's the best course of action for the Giants to take heading into 2017? Do the recent Gold Glove awards make a whole lot of sense? What does it mean that the pitching is good? Who were the top 2 homegrown Giants by OPS last season (without looking it up!). 
    Beyond that, we answer one last round of your always excellent Twitter questions and decide, once and for all, what band reminds Joe Maddon reminds us of the most. 
    Doug and I thank you for listening to and supporting us all season long. We'd also like to thank all of our wonderful guests, from Grant Brisbee to Grant Brisbee, and all the Grant Brisbees in between. Actually -- seriously -- thank you to Jen Mac Ramos, Roger Munter, Wendy Thurm, Reuben Poling, Carmen Kiew, Bryan Srabian, Mike Ferrin, my buddy Joe, Jason Wojciechowski, Dan Szymborski, Goofus, thirteenthirteen, jponry, and kdl for taking time out of your busy schedules to help make this thing a real thing. 
    We'll be back next season

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    ATW Episode 39: A Pearce-ing Winter Wind

    in Baseball

    Greg, Josh, and Nick break down the happenings (and not) from the Winter Meetings in Washington, D.C. They start by discussing the value of recent Blue Jays signing Steve Pearce, then look at the fallout from the Chris Sale trade, Edwin Encarnacion's market crash, Dexter Fowler rumours, Ian Desmond's bizarre contract from the Rockies, and a minor league signing.  Finally, the trio gives out a Do-Over and tackle the Cliché of the Week, "Won the Winter."

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    Episode 7 (p2) - Hitting and Swing Mechanics with Ryan Connor

    in Baseball

    Host Vineet Barot is joined by Ryan Connor to discuss hitting and swing mechanics of major league ball players. This episode is split into two parts. Part 1 talks about basics of hitting, what are the major componets of a swing and what to look for when scouting hitters. Part 2 divers deeper into specific hitters including Jean Segura, Ryan Braun, Chris Carter and the newest Milwaukee hitter, Eric Thames. 

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    The Catbird Speaks 11.30.16 - Waiting for death

    in Baseball

    The gang of James Fegan, Ethan Spalding, Collin Whitchurch and Mark Primiano gather together to once again ponder the seemingly immiment but possibly never happening White Sox rebuild.
    --Will Chris Sale get traded? How long will it take? Can they rebuild without dealing Sale?
    --What about one-year rentals for Todd Frazier and Melky Cabrera? When do the Sox get moving on that?
    --If the Sox don't move Sale, do they roll the dice on winning in 2017 without making any effort to improve?
    --Can Jose Abreu get traded in this market?
    --What if the Sox keep Jose Quintana? Can they build around him?

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    The Red Seat: Episode 29-Emergency Chris Sale Podcast!!!

    in Baseball

    In Episode 29 of “The Red Seat”, Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) and Ben Carsley (@BenCarsley) discuss the latest Red Sox news. Topics include:
    §  Emergency Chris Sale podcast!
    §  Ben and Jake discuss that deal and what it means for the team and for the Red Sox farm system.
    §  Dombrowski also went out and traded for Tyler Thornburg filling a massive need in the 8th inning.
    §  Where do the Red Sox now rank among teams in the AL heading into next season?

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    Talking Twins Winter Meetings..

    in Baseball

    Talking Twins Winter Meetings..
    What Could Happen This Week At The Winter Meetings For The Twins.

  • 00:35

    Episode 96 - Special Electisode

    in Baseball

    The NastyCast crew is back for a Special Election BS episode.  This episode contains the infamous "Top 5 Things Trump Would Build a Wall Around" and a newly recorded "Top 5 Things in Hilary's E-mails."
    Enjoy the off-season podcast and we will back soon with more baseball talk!

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    Chicago Cubs Superfan Corey Fineran from Ivy Envy

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    Join the Sports Gal Pal Facebook Community! 
    Corey Fineran from the Ivy Envy Podcast comes back to talk about the incredible win for the Cubs and also how to move past any curse (hint he doesn't believe in them) and how the organization as whole moves from loveable loser to World Series Champs.
    Here are some of the links we mention in the show

  • 01:07

    Podcast: “Maybe He Will Get Joe Ross Music At This Point!”

    in Baseball

    Wooooo, it's good to be back! I've missed Grey's laugh like you wouldn't believe, and on today's show we talk the James Shields' trade, solid pitching from Matt Shoemaker and Michael Fulmer, and how hot Jonathan Villar has been. Don't get Grey and Rudy's engines revved about ESPN player rater value with the overemphasis of steals! We also talk Joe Ross (obviously!), where Yu Darvish ranks ROS, and our thoughts on Julio Urias. Now with more techno music! Here's our latest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast: Download from iTunes

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    Yoan Moncada, the Diamondbacks and a talk about the AL Wild Card

    in Baseball

    Hello baseball fans, and welcome back to another edition of the Rosterbatorical, the official MLB Daily Dish podcast. Chris and Matt are back to talk baseball, and the have a special guest. To start the show, the guys talk about the promotion of Yoan Moncada by the Boston Red Sox and what this means for the Red Sox.
    Once again, the Diamondbacks are in the news and this time it's a weird one. The Dodgers tried to re-acquire Zack Greinke before the September 1st deadline. Arizona said, without heistation, that they weren't moving Greinke now or in the foreseeable future. Is this a smart call by the Diamondbacks front office? Does it mean a whole lot?
    Then, Trivia Tuesdays on Thursdays returned and the topic was Michael Jordan, off the heels of Tim Tebow's baseball workout.
    For their guest this week, Chris and Matt are joined by Evan Davis of Beyond the Box Score to talk about their new podcast, and the American League Wild Card race. 
    Key timestamps:
    :56- Yoan Moncada promotion
    6:54- Diamondbacks asked about Greinke by Dodgers
    15:09- Trivia Tuesdays on Thursdays
    19:50- Evan Davis joins the program
    23:34- AL Wild Card talk
    As always, follow the show @MLBDailyDish. Follow the hosts @ChrisRSchubert, @TheOriginalBull and @ProfessorDobles.