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    The Red Seat: Episode 103-Eovaldi Is Back and The Winter Meetings Begin

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    In Episode 103 of “The Red Seat”, Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) and Bryan Joiner (@bryanjoiner ) are joined by Matt Collins (@MattRyCollins ) to discuss the latest Red Sox news. Topics include:
    Was the Nate Eovaldi signing good for the Red Sox? What will be on the agenda for the Red Sox at the Winter Meetings? What does the relief pitching market look like right now? Who are the Red Sox targets for the remainder of the offseason? Listener Questions!

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    Lookout Landing Podcast 61: Carlos Santana, Mariners prospects, Yusei Kikuchi

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    This week Kate and John are joined by staff writer Matthew Roberson, who—shameless plug alert!—tells jokes in a stand-up capacity, and will tell them in your general direction if you are so inclined. Just tweet him (@mroberson22) if you’re interested in hearing some jokes.
    0:00 - 6:00: For some reason we spend a lot of time talking about the Utah Jazz, and invent a player named Arvin Harmonica, including giving him player characteristics and a nickname. Sweet cross-stitched croissants, we need pro basketball back in Seattle. We also talk some baseball because apparently this is a baseball podcast, starting with the Jean Segura trade. We remark upon the fact that the entire back end of the 2018 Mariners bullpen is exploded with fire, and try to make the best of it. John is looking forward to seeing promising young arm Joey Gerber rocket through the system; Kate is excited to see Matt Festa and his high socks throw a bunch of relief innings and crossing her fingers Art Warren doesn’t get snatched up in the Rule 5 draft; Matthew is ready to see new-ish Mariner Sam Tuivailala rebound and then summarily get traded, because he apparently hates fun and doesn’t want to see Tui installed as closer with the attendant song Fu-gee-la.
    6:00 - 15:00: Hey, wow, Carlos Santana is a Mariner, as is J.P. Crawford. We discuss what J.P. Crawford might bring to the club, why he might have struggled in Philly, and John reports on what he’s seen from an exhaustive study of J.P. Crawford’s errors.

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    ATW Episode 125: The Frozen Meetings w/ Shi Davidi and Bennett Brauer

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    Greg, Josh, and Nick discuss recent Blue Jays news and developments including the release of Troy Tulowitzki, the Rule 5 surprises, Randal Grichuk's future role with the club, moves within the division, and the odds of Bo Bichette cracking the roster in 2019. They are then joined by Shi Davidi of Sportsnet (26:15) to discuss reactions from the floor in Las Vegas, news of Jays' discussions with agents, potential payroll plans, and roster building strategies the team is likely to employ. The guys then answer a few listener questions before speaking with Bennett Brauer, a former minor league GM (49:35) about the minor league version of the Winter Meetings and what is important in season to a minor league baseball team. 

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    Trevor Williams Plays a Free Agent Joke

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    One of the more entertaining pitchers on the Pittsburgh Pirates staff had an opportunity to play a joke recently.  So what was it?
    As the Pittsburgh Pirates move along this offseason, it has been very slow in terms of Pittsburgh Pirates stories, with the team not making a move in nearly three weeks.  With that, there has not been a lot of news to discuss among the team or really in baseball in general.  Like last offseason, this one seems to be moving just as slow.  General Managers and organizations do not want to risk giving out a major contract that will backfire like so many have in the past.
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    Episode 174: Andujar for Syndergaard?

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    A trade may be brewing. EJ, Scott and Paul discuss it. They also talk about Harold Baines, Hall of Famer.

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    Episode 99 - Mike Petriello Joins the Show

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    MLB.com's Mike Petriello is the special guest this week, joining Russell and Darius to talk about Statcast, from what to look for when using the data to what might be coming in the future. They also discuss Mike's experience with bringing Statcast to a TV broadcast, the impact of advanced stats on Hall of Fame voting, and his discovery of the UK's baseball fan community.

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    Young, Scrappy, and Hungry (BP Kansas City Episode 120)

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    Is the Royals outfield wide enough? Are the Royals throwing away their shot? Kansas City sure didn't wait for it and went out and signed center fielder Billy Hamilton. It might be nice to have Hamilton on our side. 
    On top of that move, the Royals signed utility man Chris Owings, and carved out some space on the 40 man roster to make room for likely Rule 5 picks as they finish up a somewhat busy but curious Winter Meetings. 
    Programming note: While what you've known as BP Kansas City is being absorbed into the larger Baseball Prospectus site, if you're subscribed to our podcast through iTunes or another app, you should still continue to receive new episodes as they're published just like you always have. 
    Follow the Vault at @KCBaseballVault. Follow host Jeff Herr at @TheJeffReport, co-host Michael Engel at @michaelengel. You can also email feedback to KansasCityBaseballVault@gmail.com.
    Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and BlogTalkRadio. You can also download this episode here (mp3).

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    Episode 70: Boys of Summer

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    Bryan Grosnick (BP) and R.J. Anderson (CBS Sports) tackle some big name pitcher injuries, leaders for the Cy Young award, the Yandy Diaz callup, and much more!

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    9/20/18: Episode 80 - The *positive* season finale with Roger Munter!

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    Now that we've reached the end of the minor league season, Roger Munter is here to break down the Giants' 2018 and give us a sense of the system as a whole. For the second consecutive season, the entire organization has been populated by losing teams and underperforming players. Is there hope for 2019? This is a POSITIVE PODCAST! Roger has great things to say about the top of the Giants system and so there's plenty of reason to be optimistic about the near and distant future of our favorite baseball team. 
    We also answer a couple of Twitter questions. 
    This is the season finale and next time you hear the podcast, it'll sound different and maybe even have a new host or two. We sought out your feedback for what you'd like to hear in the future and how you'd want us to consider improving the show, but if you missed that initial post, don't hesitate to post your comments down below. 
    Thanks for listening!

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    This week in baseball, the last week in 2018.

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    Last podcast of the year!! We will recap the lastest signings, trades and of course baseball rumors. Hosts Cole and Sam and maybe Jeremy will be here catching the game we love.