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Bellingham / Northwest / Washington State based. I classify this show as a "Paranormal Plus" type of thing. We'll branch out and discuss just about anything, Music Movies, Books, TV or Whatever I feel a TalkRadioShow should be About, but our interest in the Paranormal is that center of our vision here. We aim to Infotain, and constantly strive to be different and unique from anything you'd usually hear out there.

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Where the Night Sky meets the Earth, the Horizon to the Present from our Mysterious and Mystical Past, We now take a look back into History into the Significance of Ancient Structures and their possible Terrestellar Purposes. Were... more

Revisiting this salient sapient topic. Looks like those Nutty Humans are At it AgAiN! What is with this not wanting to be the form of body you were born into? What necessitates these drastic changes to one's own physique and biological... more

Marvel's doing some Dynamic Do-Overs with about Every title it Publishes! Who will this Affect? What Changes have we Seen so far? Where is this all Going? How will this, well, why, really, just plain old why? Why why why?... more

For the Dads. 323-443-7201 a Dad-ication to Your Father. Guaranteed to be better than those argyle socks ol' what's-their-face got them before.

My OWN Little pErSoNaL Father's Day Weekend Gift to MySeLf! That is, IF It HaPpEnS! Depending on Phone Signal out there. Wherever There is, Whoever else is There. Who knows where There'll BE? Who knows Who'll BE There.

Seems to Be the Day for Flags! Flag Day? Pride Parades & Festivals Day? No Way! Call on in and Fly YoUr Flag! Seriously, or I read the Shia Lebeouf Inspirational Speeches, Verbatim.

Been a week for Celebrities passing away again. Dusty Rhodes. Christopher Lee. A Recent bit of news caught me by surpise though, Gene Wilder's still Alive! Figured it was about time to get a head cheack, a roll call, or role call as it be,... more

If this happens that is, but should be worth a listen if it does. Not a Live Call-in show.

After a long extensive last night's outing, amidst Sasquatch's woods, wandering Ghostly shadows, under UFO-lit skies. Was it all Worth it? Did we see Any of it? Tune in and find out! 323-443-7201 on in, or Chatroom it up at... more

Would YOU DaRe getting Outdoors, in Public, without clothes on? Even if it was for a good cause? Will be Exposing the Naked truth about The World Naked Bike Ride day on Friday and the following World Naked Gardening Day... more
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