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Bellingham / Northwest / Washington State based. I classify this show as a "Paranormal Plus" type of thing. We'll branch out and discuss just about anything, Music Movies, Books, TV or Whatever I feel a TalkRadioShow should be About, but our interest in the Paranormal is that center of our vision here. We aim to Infotain, and constantly strive to be different and unique from anything you'd usually hear out there.

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Scotland wants "Scot-Free" from England! But is this going to be a wise move? Are the Apron strings they're Cutting at Really around their own Kilts? Could they Lose their Arses over this? Freedom, but at what Cost, Scots? We're having a go at this topic now, I mean, Sunday Nyte at 8:PM:PST. Bagpipe in at 323-443-7201.
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Post{ed} to {BarnCat Radio} Page By Samson Ryuken Draco {Ninja} Fox "Hey bro when you can you please talk about how a 15.00 an hour raise would be a good thing for people fast food restaurants and how the government thinks protesters... more

Saturday at 5:00pm - 9:00pm Spark: Museum of Electrical Invention 1312 Bay St, Bellingham, Washington 98225 It's the biggest tiny comic convention ever! {We'll be Broadcatsing From or About there at 8:PM:PST!}

{Sorry about that previous scheduling snafu, I blame the sunlight.} Again: "Can a Ghost actually Physically Harm you? Can a Spirit Possess and Control you? That Washington Abnormal Research Network 2 Dead Crew, the Bad Boyz of... more

Just a shortquick Morning Drive show, in Memory and About Memories Of, a rolling Podcast, in the BarnCat Radio NewsVan Wendigo, on the way to work.

Lotsa cool stuff coming up for Whatcom County's Fall Season and I've got quite a bit of it detailed out for ya. Call in 323-443-7201 if I missed anything that you want advertted up. Also I have a question for the Fantasy-Online facebook group we... more

Turning this one in late, like your homework, but better late and passable than never. So, how'd it go in there? Well, let some of us aaaaadults tell ya how We had it back in the day. You're scraping by lucky. My fellow oldies and... more

BBQuirkiness with Matthew Thuney, of CONTACT {Center for ONTological ACTion}, Host of Bucolia, Blogger at The Examiner, and a Voice of the Valley at KAVZ AM 102.5, among who knows how many other things. Possibility of other... more

The Best of em, the Worst of em, and Probably talking Most of em. Call in and Weigh in. 323-443-7201

Yep that's right, been at this for 4 years now. Haven't found much else better to do with my time. That and I just plain love doing this kinda stuff. And I'm showing No signs of Quitting anytime soon.

An Audio FAQ for those Curious what this show is About, and how to get On it, and Most of what to Expect, Before and Afterwards.
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