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Bellingham / Northwest / Washington State based. I classify this show as a "Paranormal Plus" type of thing. We'll branch out and discuss just about anything, Music Movies, Books, TV or Whatever I feel a TalkRadioShow should be About, but our interest in the Paranormal is that center of our vision here. We aim to Infotain, and constantly strive to be different and unique from anything you'd usually hear out there.

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You're lagging behind there, can't you step it up a little... And all this Complaining you do, if you Really don't Like it here... All this Attention you're trying for, do you need everyone feeling sorry for you... Listen, if you can't contribute your fair share to the workfloor / office / "team", then... It's not Easy having Sarcoidosis and other hidden chronic illnesses, and holding down a job, but we salute you and it can be done...
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What is/are Your Holiday Wish/es? The BarnCat Family have One in mind. There's a big shakeup going on. Hear about the events leading up to it. There are some real Grinches and Scrooges out there.

BarnCat Radio goes deep behind Krampeny Lines to bring you the detailed report on this Invasion, by the Krampusii, of "Bellyham".

Chances are we All have known a Few. Maybe Even have Been them.

Games, Requests, Notifications, and your VeRy Identity/ies? Open Facebook Chat about, of All things, Facebook!

Can't Believe we let a November stalk past without talking about the Original most Native of the Native Americans, Bigfoot! What better way to offload your leftovers than Feeding your Neighborhood Sasquatch? Discussions on... more

Because the excess of foodstuffs' always better 2 days later. What did You give thanks for this year?

Remote Podcatsing from the Parking Lot of a Local Bellingham Shopping Center. For those of you opting to stay home, I'm sparing you the experience and bringing your ears there myself. For those of you who chose to shop that day you're... more

A Peaceful Protest, or Two, being HeLd at the Bellingham Washington Wal-Mart, in Dedication to Michael Brown, and perhaps for Wal-Mart Worker Solidarity as well, and I'll be There to Cover it! Remote Podcats, no call-in number, but... more

Yes it's True, I've Finally stepped into the Moderner era, with a Playstation 3. It's my first time, go gentle on me. Discussionationings of Playstation 3, and stuffs concernings of that, as well as video gaming chattery and mad hattery til our... more

A Theatre Group in Caracas Venezuela is Making Quite the SplashWaveFront. Venezuelan college students, portraying some Greek Mythologies, to Baliwood beats & style, with some Modern influence as well? You're now intrigued. This... more
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