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Bellingham / Northwest / Washington State based. I classify this show as a "Paranormal Plus" type of thing. We'll branch out and discuss just about anything, Music Movies, Books, TV or Whatever I feel a TalkRadioShow should be About, but our interest in the Paranormal is that center of our vision here. We aim to Infotain, and constantly strive to be different and unique from anything you'd usually hear out there.

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Sports Entertainment is still a thing, yes it is, and With us to Discuss this is Rhonda Selina Shuman, Weighing in on the topics, Hailing from South Florida. Ding-ding-ding!
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This one's for You my friends, Faithful Loyal Barnyard Commandos! Room Chatters and Phone Liners aLiKe! For you, By you, About you.

Spring has Sprung! How are All things Washington and Abnormal Spranging up to Meet it? Research a little and Network with us some. 323-443-7201

Let's cross this great divide, and cross it out. You guys over there, noses outta up in the air and join us, and you lot over there, chins up chests out and come on over too. 323-443-7201

Because OnLy in America does one believe that + Adding & - Subtracting 1 hour saves Any daylight. Reset your Clocks, Barn your Chats, Dial that 323-443-7201 number.

WARN Announcements Investigations and Open Parapsychological Cryptozoological Extraterrestrial Local Chatter. 323-443-7201.

Tonight we're All about Heavy Metal Appreciation! This topc's one of those little bones I throw the NinjaFox's way as I Really had no Better idea for a subject discussion. Besides, Heavy Metal's fun. We're gonna Rock this show, I mean... more

"Yeah, I know, Seems like a Harry Potter book. It's not in England though, it's Local, and WorldWide." ~ BarnCat Media Litterature Revooz. Follow the Epic story as told by the Duder with Furward by BarnCat Radio. Our tale takes place at... more

Bt Srsly nao, Re-Cap of my visit, meeting and greeting at today's KVWV 94.9 FM-LP Community Radio Meeting at Bellingha's Community Foot Co-Op on Forest Street. How does this affect BarnCat Radio? How can BarnCat Radio... more

The Washington Abnormal Research Network takes Your calls at 323-443-7201 where we talk anything Parapsychological, Extraterrestrial, or Cryptozoological and Washingtonian.

The BarnCat could Stand to Lose a Few layers of Fluff! Prefurably as Quickly and Painlessly as Possible! Weight loss Tips and Tricks? Because Seriously, I can't Stand the Look of my "HomerSimpson-ic" proportions.
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