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Bellingham / Northwest / Washington State based. I classify this show as a "Paranormal Plus" type of thing. We'll branch out and discuss just about anything, Music Movies, Books, TV or Whatever I feel a TalkRadioShow should be About, but our interest in the Paranormal is that center of our vision here. We aim to Infotain, and constantly strive to be different and unique from anything you'd usually hear out there.

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BarnCat broadcatses, from 103 Third Street in Lynden Washington, at High Noon about the 3rd Annual Fall Festival happening from 10:AM - 5:PM up in Lynden WA.
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On-Demand Episodes

After Hours inside the bag oc comic book swag gotten from the 2014 Bellinghm Comic Con, BarnCat emerges tired but happy and reveals the goods.

BarnCat Radio gives you the Audio of the Graphic touring from the 2014 Bellingham Comic-Con 2014 at the Ferndale Events Center on 10/18/2014. Remote Podcats, Not a call in show.

I know, we've Battletech'd the Infernos outta Radio but there's Another facet we Haven't covered Specifically, on it's Own, yet. Giant Robot Battling Arena Combat Yeehaw! Sorry, got a bit carried away there, being all Monster Truck Colloseum... more

Can AnY ONE Research group Possibly be Up to Investigating all Three? And WhY? And HoW? And Who. It's October, if Not already, why Not start Now?

Just a quick remote podcats on the way to my IRL job. This weekend's shows are already locked in, but this topic needed some airing anyway, so here we go. Do the Cops have the Right To Remain Violent?

We'll distill the research, vaccinate you against misinformation, disinfect a few conspiracies, and/or not all of the above. Ebola's made Landfall in America and we Need to know Where's it's Going to and What it's going to do Next.

ReCap of the Paranormal Investigation at Northern State Mental Hospital Farm & Cemetery, and Then my Audioverture to One of my FaAvVe Shows of ALL TIME, "Northern Exposure"! Looks to be Seeming like there May just be a Book & Dvd... more

W.A.R.N., Washington Abnormal Research Network, heads down South again to Skagit County's rural climes to check out Northern State Mental Hospital's Cemetery and Farm. With a New Investigator in tow she's diving into the deep... more

Has Social Media made us Less or More social? Has it Affected how we Socialize in General? Basically, Has the Culture Within that Microverse/Macroverse affected what we Used to know and love as "Reality"?

Does one always mean the Likelihood of the other? How far is Too far when Punishing either? Should both carry more severe legal sentences? 323-443-7201
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