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Bare Truth


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Political Talk Show that covers freedom and liberty issues and past and present U.S constitutional topics. The bare truth, because we are all drowning in a sea of lies. Join us, to learn about and discuss, the hoax of the system we live under.

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An open line, to take your calls, on all topics related to Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the Constitution.

The ever increasing Police State and expansion of central government into the everyday life of each citizen, amounts to a march toward tyranny.

From the founding of the Republic to the present day LIBERTY has been betrayed. We look at some of those moments and compare them to current events unfolding.

We ask these questions and others concerning your rights on this show.

The Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame the Democrats nothing seems to get done for the people. Lobbyists, musical chairs in government, special interests and international banks, corporations, military and... more

All governments use Secret Police to enforce the will of those with power. We look at some of these agencies, the Central Intelligence Agency, MI6 & 5, KGB, Stasi, Gestapo, Mossad. We look at the operational ability and mission of the... more

The founders of the USA, warned against standing armies, created and held in cities, around the Republic. Armies that are answerable, only to civil servants and not elected officials. We see the militarization and federalisation, of local law... more

An old saying is "You never miss the water, till the well runs dry" Freedom and Liberty have been taken for granted, by so many for so long in the USA.The pursuit of freedom and liberty has been put on fire, by the Ron Paul Campaign... more

We examine the legal system we live under and offer alternatives to the current operation.

Since the founding of the United States of America we have seen almost every administration through the executive branch, grab more power for itself, at the cost of freedom and liberty of its citizens. The executive branch has tipped the... more
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