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Bare Truth


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Political Talk Show that covers freedom and liberty issues and past and present U.S constitutional topics. The bare truth, because we are all drowning in a sea of lies. Join us, to learn about and discuss, the hoax of the system we live under.

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Latest updates on the situation of the Ron Paul Nevada Campaign 2012, at state and national levels, with the state Chairman Carl Bunce.

How the United States Federal Reserve Bank creates money out of thin air. The hoax of the debt based monetary system.

How the passing of huge amounts of legislation in society have helped criminalise the average citizen.

'The False Flag Operation' a tactic used by all governments to control it's own citizenry; where it uses it's own agents to commit terrorist acts and then blames it on an external 'boogie man' like Osama Bin Laden. We take a look at some... more

A new sea change is happening in America, people want Freedom restored under a lawful constitution. The status Quo is being enforced by the powers that be in 'cahoots' with the mass media. We take a look at the grass roots... more

Who is Ron Paul? and what is this Freedom and Liberty movement he represents? that is catching on, world wide.

The Ron Paul Revolution is on a roll and could go all the way to the white house. Who, is this congressman from Texas? What does he stand for? Why, does the mass media ignore him? Why, does the establishment, both Democrat and... more

The hoax of the United States Federal Reserve Banks and how they create money oiut of thin air and put us all in, debt serfdom. Part #2 of a two part series, recorded live on KDWN 720 AM Radio Las Vegas.

The Public School system is failing our children, is it education or indoctination? How can we change it?

How the Federal Reserve Bank creates money out of thin air and how they make us pay for it. Part #1 of a #2 part series recorded 'Live' on KDWN 720 AM Radio Las Vegas.
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