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Bards Logic Political Talk

Bards Logic Political Talk


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Bards Logic is Your show, the People's Show. The Mission is to facilitate sending out information important to you the Grassroots. Send the host a message via the website.

Upcoming Broadcasts

Bards Logic welcomes Candidate for Boehner's House Seat Jim Condit Jr. Topics we will discuss: 1. The upcoming special election in District 8 of Ohio to replace John Boehner 2. Watch the Vote 2016 – (Now also WatchTheVoteUSA.com) – to get a fair count for all the candidates at the Iowa Caucus in 2016; how Watch the Vote 2012 forced the Iowa GOP to change the winner from Romney to Santorum two weeks after the Jan 3, 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucus. This is the first time this ever happened, as far as we know, in a Presidential primary or Caucus. This could engage a discussion of the Presidential Candidates and the mechanics of the Iowa Caucus – very important. The Iowa Caucus is the most open of all the election processes in the Presidential year – it is totally transparent. 3. NetworkAmerica.org – the website where anyone can sign up in the party of their choice, or as an independent, talk to anyone else – NO GATEKEEPERS – and meet online with others in their county and in their chosen party – and then to organize physically to throw out the party leaders in the Dem and Repub party in almost every county. See 6 min video at networkamerica.org on several places the grassroots conservatives already control. Remember this is Your show, the People's show. As part of WE the PEOPLE, it IS Important for YOU to Stand Up and BE HEARD. Your Voice Matters. Call in with YOUR thoughts on the issues of today. CALL In and you can stay on the line and Be a Part of the Show. Join Our Round Table Discussion. Invite friends to listen Share this Page's Link, Follow us on here, and Like our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BardsLogicPoliticalTalk
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On-Demand Episodes

After last night's Free and Equal debate, Bards Logic compares (and contrasts) Presidential Candidates Virgil Good and Gary Johnson.... perhaps as a precursor to the October 30th debate in Washington D.C.

http://freeandequal.org/live/ Another exciting night on Bards Logic Political Talk. Join us while we listen to and comment on the Free and Equal Debate. After the debate and discussion here on Bards Logic, continuing coverage can be found... more

Tonight our panel has the priviledge to interview the Constitution Party's Vice Presidential Candidate Jim Clymer. The Honorable Mr. Clymer will address the same topics and questions the Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate and... more

http://lessbull.com/2012/10/28-good-questions-that-the-mainstream-media-should-be-asking/ Callers and Chat Participation Welcome. Tonight we discuss the questions the... more

Rebroadcast: Speakers: Floyd Whitley (Vice chair, Idaho) & Paul Venable (Idaho State Chair) to speak about the Constitution Party and Virgil Goode. The Bards Logic Political Talk's Panel- Kelly Mordecai, Rex Christi and Chris- will be asking... more

http://hidden4thbranch.com/?page_id=514 Bards Logic's Panel discusses China, the One World Government, and Obama. We will analyze how America has gotten to this point historically and where we are going. Some of the topics are... more

Tonight on Bards Logic Political Talk we discuss and analyze the most recent and the previous Presidential Debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Listen to truly unbiased commentary based on facts not Political Spin.... more

There are only 23 Days left until the Election. Tonight on Bards Logic is the continuing discussion from the 2012 Election Season. We discussed how America has gotten to this point and where we are going. Some of the topics are the... more

There are only 24 Days left until the Election. Tonight on Bards Logic is a Politically Incorrect look at the 2012 Election Season, Current Events and the 24 days left until the Election.... and the days beyond. We will discuss how we and... more

If you donate to the Organization or Sponsor a Baby Elephant go to the link below and send me a message telling me about it. I will give you a shout out on the show!... more
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