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Bards Logic Political Talk

Bards Logic Political Talk


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Do you ever wonder why so many issues are happening at once and who is benefitting? Where on earth did the idea of regional versus local control of our schools, health, and water originate? How do all of these topics overlap and what is the ultimate goal? Debbie Bacigalupi, a requested speaker throughout the West, will be detailing history, political, economic, and environmental issues that impact every single one of us and explain how all of these issues are related to the present and ?future generations? with an emphasis on water and private property rights. Miss Bacigalupi will share what she's garnered from conferences she has attended – like the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the Navigating the American Carbon World on Cap-n-Trade, the Western Governors Association CHAT Conference on Drought, and many Fish and Wildlife meetings and hearings on the Endangered Species Act. What do these items have to do with our behavior and future? An avid researcher, this daughter of ranchers and farmers iis known for her lively and interactive presentation on the threats of wolves to dam removals, water supply, and the people who supply our food. Websites: https://dbacigalupi.myrandf.com/ https://www.facebook.com/debbie.bacigalupi https://twitter.com/dbacigalupi You can Join our Round Table Discussion. Share the Link to the Live Show and Podcast. Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.
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Callers and Chat Participation are Welcome. Last Night on Bards Logic Political Talk we had both liberals and conservatives discussing economics, Corporatism, the Constitution, and American History. Come tonight to hear what will not be... more

Extended Show where we begin discussing Obama's re-election and what this means for America. We then move to discussion of America's Political and Economic Culture, the Constitution, Corporatism, and why things are getting... more

Callers and Chat Participation are Welcome. Call to chime in and be heard on what you think and feel about the 2012 Election Results. The Bards Logic Political Talk's Panel will also offer discussion, analysis and a look into how tonight's... more

Callers and Chat Participation are Welcome. Tonight Members from the Bards Logic Panel discusses and analyzes the Ralph Nader debate of the Liberty, Grassroots, We the People Candidates. Listen and Chime in regardless of... more

Rebroadcast: Bards Logic interviews for the second time the Vice Presidential Candidate for the Constitution Party Jim Clymer. He will answers some of the questions from the debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden among others.... more

Tonight Bards Logic will have as our special guest the man who got Ron Paul on the Ballot in California- John Finnegan Jr. We will discuss and analyze the upcoming election. Some of the topics will include the importance of the the... more

Callers and Chat Participation are Welcome. Tonight we will have an open discussion on various topics pertaining to the 2012 General Election and Conservatiism. The National Vice Chairmain of the Constitution Party chimes in... more

Callers and Chat Participation are Welcome. There are only 8 days left until the General Election. Tonight we will discuss the most recents polls, what direction American will take as a result of this election with some of the topics including:... more

Tonight we have the honor and priviledge to again interview the Constitution Party's Presidential candidate Virgil Goode. Hear how the issues facing America would be addressed according to the Constitution.

After last night's Free and Equal debate, Bards Logic compares (and contrasts) Presidential Candidates Virgil Good and Gary Johnson.... perhaps as a precursor to the October 30th debate in Washington D.C.
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